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Snorkeling Safari Cruise

Our most popular!  Explore over 75% of the lagoon.   Experience 3 snorkel excursions and 4 motus!!   Swim among tropical fish,  “giant clams” (you have to see to believe!), and brightly colored corals.   Discover uninhabited islands – their white sand pristine beaches,  and their crystal clear water.   Enjoy a delicious BBQ “fish & more” lunch served with local side dishes.   Get your passport stamped at One Foot Island!   Tour includes:   Transfers, towels,  snorkel equipment, bottled water, fresh BBQ lunch, and sarcasm!

Tour cost: NZ$125/person
Approximate pick-up time: 9AM
Approximate drop-off time: 3:30PM-4PM
Approximate tour duration: 5 Hours


Private Snorkeling Safari
(self guided – no tour)

Enjoy a relaxing and fun filled day on your OWN PRIVATE MOTU!!!   Explore at your own leisure, a day away from everyone!  Snorkel,  swim,  relax,  and explore mosquito-free Maina Island at your own leisure.   Sandy white beaches, clear blue water, and abundant sea life await you!!   Transfers,  BBQ lunch,  towels,  and snorkel equipment provided.  NOTE: This is a private excursion, self-guided.  It is not the same as the snorkeling safari and geared towards those that want to “do their own thing!”  You will meet up with the larger tour for lunch, but other than that – you are on your own!!  You may wish to join us for our afternoon tour, but this tour is designed for seclusion, privacy, and for couples who want to be left alone.  See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Tour cost: NZ$269/COUPLE – On a rare occasion, we get asked if we would do a family or very small group (up to 6 people).  We can work out a rate for you if you wish this type of service.  Email us for more information on this.  
Approximate pick-up time: 9AM
Approximate drop-off time: 3:30PM-4PM
Approximate tour duration: 5 Hours



Sunset Champagne Tour

A romantic and private 2+ hour (approx) cruise to Honeymoon Island followed by a champagne toast and the beautiful Aitutaki sunset!!   Bring your cameras — you will not want to miss this!   Our captain will slowly ferry you to the gorgeous motu while you sip champagne.   Enjoy a walk on the island and pose for pictures.   The encore is the breath taking sunset.   Tour includes:   water taxi,  towels,  snorkel equipment,  bottle of New Zealand champagne,  and the Aitutaki Sunset!!!

Tour cost: NZ$299/COUPLE.
Approximate pick-up time: 4PM.
Approximate tour duration: 2-2.5 Hours.


Private Charter

Chart your own course for the day. You are the boss and Teking Tours is your captain. Enjoy private snorkel excursions, explore uninhabited islands, enjoy a delicious bbq lunch. Visit One Foot Island and Honeymoon Island! It`s everything our signature tour is and more!! Tour includes: Private charter with a boat captain, transfers, towels, snorkel equipment, fresh bbq lunch with authentic island side dishes, and beverages (beer, and water). $849/CHARTER – includes 2 PEOPLE ONLY.  Charter Boat MAXIMUM is 6 PEOPLE.  Over 2 people will be charged $125NZD per person additional.  Before booking, please contact us for any questions regarding our pricing policy on Private Charters. Thank you!

Tour cost: NZ$849– 2 person MAXIMUM included in this rate.  

Approximate pick-up time: 9AM.
Approximate tour duration: 5 Hours.


NOTE: All prices are in NZD New Zealand Dollars.

All tour times are approximate and do vary slightly with the season.  You will be contacted with specific pick-up times.

Recommendations: Bring SUNBLOCK! The sun is strong, and we care about you and your health.  Bring only WATERPROOF cameras! You will not want to have any electronics with you.  That means cell phones among other things.  There’s no need for it.  Make sure you bring your bathing suit for the snorkeling adventure of a lifetime! Feel free to bring clothes if you’d like to put something dry on afterwards.  Towels are provided and unnecessary to bring.  There are some “noodle floats” on board as well.   Space is limited so no need for any large bags.


Check out our FAQ Section for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.