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People often send us emails with questions about our tours, so we’ve started a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  We will add to them as we get more.


Q: What is this “Private Snorkeling Safari”???

A: This is probably the most common question or misconception.  Here is what it is not – there are no snorkeling drop-off locations available.  It is not a guided tour.  We only are able to offer one of these unique experiences per day as you are literally dropped off before the rest of the tour starts.  You are alone on a deserted island to do whatever you want.  Typically, this is for romantic couples that would like to spend alone time together and on occasion we will also get requests for people who simply want to be left alone and do their own snorkeling/exploration.  Please note, there is no other options for this unguided excursion.  It is only as an option for those that wish to be alone and not brought to any of the snorkeling areas the main tour goes.  You will rejoin the group for the BBQ lunch but otherwise you are free to do whatever you want on your own.


Q: Do you pick us up from the airport or from our hotel?

A: Yes, we will either pick you up or drop you off anywhere on the island – this is included with our tour.  Aitutaki is fairly small, so don’t worry.  We will get you from and to where you need to be.


Q: What is your payment and refund policy?

A: We are a small tour company and a reservation is a guarantee that we will hold a spot for you.  Therefore we require pre-payment or your reservation will not be held.  We also cannot always rely on mother nature.  In the event that the weather prohibits us from going out safely, we will first try and accommodate you on another day if you are staying multiple days on the island.  Safety is our #1 concern!  If we cannot get you on another tour, we will refund you 100%.  Also, if you do not end up coming to Aitutaki for any reason, we will also refund you 100%.  


Q: We would like to go on the snorkling safari cruise but my husband is a very weak swimmer and is not at all comfortable out of his depth. Would it still be worth booking.

A: This is a topic that comes up frequently. While you definitely get the most out of the snorkeling experience being a good swimmer, it is not essential to have an amazing time on the Lagoon. There is a sand bar that you can get out and stand on and literally be in a few inches of water and enjoy a water (or indulge in an adult beverage) in the middle of the ocean while taking in the picturesque scenery.  Our entire crew will assist you every step of the way and even try and encourage you to try something – only if it’s safe however.  Safety is critical and of utmost concern for the entire crew. Do not worry, you can have an amazing day on the lagoon if you aren’t a very good swimmer at all.


Q: We are coming in on a cruise ship (like the Paul Gauguin) and if we prepay for the snorkeling safari cruise on our scheduled day in Aitutaki, and the boat is unable to dock for some reason, will we receive a refund?

A: Absolutely! If for any reason your ship does not dock into Aitutaki, we promptly refund you 100% of your prepaid tour. No worries at all.


Q: Your site says that a Private Charter holds a maximum of 6 people, but can we add a couple more?

A: Yes, please check with us but we can do an 8-Person Charter some days.  Email us for details and to confirm availability.


Q: I would like to do your tour on our last day in Aitutaki and have to check out of the hotel/resort/accommodations.  Is there a way you can store my luggage while we do the tour?

A: We would first ask your accommodation if they offer some type of service that keeps your luggage at their facility, but should this not be possible – yes, we can make special arrangements for us to store your luggage while you enjoy your tour, if required.


Q: What are the differences between your tours?

A: Here are the tour differences between our Signature Snorkeling Safari Cruise, Private Snorkeling Safari, and the Private Charter.

The Signature Snorkeling Safari is a small-boat experience with a per-boat maximum of around 16 people – We like to keep our tours small and intimate for the best possible experience. Large groups tend to become overwhelming and sometimes there can be a lot of time spent waiting for the entire group. We find that small groups give a much better experience!  This is, by far, our most popular and our standard tour that we do.

The Private Snorkeling Safari is for the adventurous ones who do not want a guided experience, but rather enjoy the peace and tranquility of being alone on your own private Motu. This is typically for couples who would like the secluded romance that the private motu provides or those that want to snorkel at their own pace and explore the motu their own way. What happens for this tour is that you are dropped off FIRST before the tour goes out at the Private Motu and the rest of your time is yours to do whatever you want. You will be picked up as the tour concludes around 3PM approximately.  You do rejoin the group for lunch and have the option to continue to explore (the island and each other!) or if you’ve had enough, you can join the main tour for the remainder of the afternoon.  Essentially, you’re provided a mask, fins, and dropped off on a remote island to do whatever you want for the day – with the exception of lunch with the rest of the tour!  

The Private Charter is literally renting your own boat and captain for the day. You decide the itinerary. You decide where and what you want to do. The lagoon is yours to explore however you’d like. You are the only people on the boat and the entire day is yours to decide.


Q: Where does the sunset cruise take you?

A: The sunset cruise mainly goes to Honeymoon Island, however we can also take you to One Foot as well.  While there’s no snorkeling on this tour, you can do some swimming only if you wish.  We try and be flexible wherever we can, but this tour is not designed for snorkeling or seeing a lot of the lagoon.  If you wish to do that, our Signature Snorkeling Safari is what you’re looking for.


Q: Can you tell me which islands the snorkeling safari cruise visits?

A: Our Signature Snorkeling Safari visits 3 different snorkeling spots (including the fish feeding and the giant clam areas) and visits Honeymoon Island, One Foot Island (don’t forget your passport to get stamped!), and Maina where we have Lunch, and cruise through Rapota & Akaimi — ultimately covering approximately 75% of the lagoon.


Q: Are drinks provided or at an additional cost?

A: Water is provided complimentary and limited beer is available for purchase.


Q: I don’t eat seafood.  What other options do you offer?

A: The BBQ lunch has a variety of choices, but we never know exactly what the menu will be.  Aitutaki is very small and sometimes we simply don’t have things available.  Seafood isn’t always on the lunch buffet, it changes based on availability.  While we try to feature local fish, sometimes it is chicken or pork. Again, whatever we have available.  There’s always an assortment of homemade salads and fruit choices.  If you think you will be very hungry or a very selective eater, you are always more than welcomed to bring a snack if you desire.